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Storm Thorgerson album cover design

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The late, great, inimitable Storm Thorgerson.

For fifteen years up to his passing, we enjoyed a memorable and close relationship with Storm,

translating the concepts from his Studio into practical, feasible installations for location shoots 

around the World.

Storm's tenacity to realise the 2D designs into an actual 3D dimensional form as close as

possible to it's portrayed scale, and photographed on location in natural light, was his

trademark and testament to the truly distinctive images with which music lovers are familiar 

today. No computer Imagery - something we as model & prop makers held true to our hearts

and respected.

Every brief, a logistical and pragmatic conundrum - sometimes working to modest budgets,

short timeframes and often overcoming high winds and other locational challenges.

The work of Storm remains iconic and instantly recognisable. Many of the world's largest Bands 

still see it as a right of passage to have their album designed by Storm Studios. Never scared to

show explicit inspiration from the works of Magritte, Kandinsky or Picasso, his work is exhibited

around the globe to this day, recognised as Works of Art in their own right.

Appropriate then, not to have been straightforward to achieve. The results speak for

themselves and remain some of the most renowned album covers in history,

and also some of the fondest work of our careers.

6 sapling oaks were planted with Trees for Cities for each project.

Each of which will off-set one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.