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To embrace recycling and sustainability and put it at the forefront of all our design.

We promote and maximise the use of secondary-use materials to minimise the associated carbon footprint of first time and single use materials and equipment.

Single Use Plastics are never knowingly included in our solutions.

Our designers work hand in hand with construction chiefs and sustainability assessors to ensure the material and manufacture supply chain minimises our carbon footprint.   

We endeavour to research and include the most innovative materials and technologies to ensure we remain cutting edge in our field.

As an example; we encompass the most innovative 3D Printing in the UK, working primarily with material stock comprising 100% recycled plastic waste.

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design & discovery

Smart and innovative design is necessary even before a project is greenlit.

We're credited with award-winning, benchmark projects of our kind, and to assist in development, we flesh out the fundamentals of any concept by drawing on parallels from 30 years of work.

Method, sustainability, leadtime and budget - our unrivalled insight and expertise offers the strongest chance of making an idea physically credible and achievable. 




Our unique business model sets our Discovery Phase apart from others in two ways.

Our Network: Because we are not tied to any one production system or facility we can marry the most appropriate and innovative production plan to the brief to achieve the most accurate results. We then assemble the team from our extensive network of production specialists.

Sustainability: This sits centre stage in this process.

Our sustainable production system ensures we minimise virgin raw material procurement through our pre-vetted supply chain, and maximise reuse and recycling at break down through meticulous design and planning.

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construction DESIGN

Our CAD studio team provides provisional Sketch-Up interpretations of the concept, through to final construction drawings and cutting files.
Each designer works alongside the project supervisor and our sustainability assessors as they vet and approve sustainable material and production options.

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Han Solo in Carbonite. Copyright LucasFilm Inc.

digital scanning

When practicable we use 3D scanning to generate a digital file, which we convert into a number

of manufacturing files such as 3-5 axis CNC, 3D printing, injection moulding, rotation casting,

and lasercutting. 


We have Technicians available to travel to the subject equipped with the latest hand held 3D scanners, or our London-based 240 DSLR camera rig can efficiently capture a 360° pose of the Talent within a few hours.  A high resolution 3D scan can be a faster route to a production file than sculpting digitally from scratch.


When the origin subject or 3D file is unavailable, our feature-film grade digital sculptors create the file; CGI characters, A-List talent, the natural world or a product. Sculpting digitally not only delivers high accuracy on the bit everyone sees, the outside, but in tandem with Construction CAD, we incorporate critical back-of-house internal voids for structures, electronics and services.  Digital files are then ready for export to 3D print, CNC, injection moulding and other production systems.

digital sculpting

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