Beautiful Wonder

is the industry leader of 

sustainable production

for highly innovative,

bold and ambitious

creative projects.

We service the 

Advertising, PR, Brand,

Experiential, Outdoor

and Art industries.

We are for clients

who rightly believe 

their project deserves 

the most cutting edge 

industry specialists

on their project.

Our circular economy

system spans the design,

build and project management

from concept through

to installation.

Above: Detail of 25m long Coral Reef sculpture.  3D printed entirely using 100% recycled Single Use Plastic waste.

This: Extreme close-up of

3D printed coral. Embracing low-res print layering for organic coral growth.

Our Mission:

To build world class projects 

in a way that works in harmony

with the environment, never

compromising innovation

or build quality.



Tel: +44(0)20 8050 1952


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