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project management

the most important assurance we give.


Reliability stems from managing and controlling the entire production.

We carefully choreograph the most innovative and experienced group of specialist teams to realise the concept faithfully, to budget and on time.  

We work only with like-minded individuals and businesses who share a passion and responsibility to produce exemplary work in harmony with our planet and environment.

We see it as our role to absorb the workload, unknowns and any apprehension associated with building ambitious and unique concepts, to constantly instil confidence in our clients.


Our proven Design and Production Management system permits us to embrace any brief irrespective of scope, and is the singular basis for our consistency.

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Our PMs and supervisors ensure over-riding authority, control and responsibility for all stages of a project, encompassing scheduling, location, logistics, recycling and sustainability.

Planning Permission and Special Licenses are critical to some installations. We take the workload and stress out of preparing and submitting documentation with Local/International Authorities and Governing Bodies.

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