We Design, Build and Supervise the entire process of creative projects. 

We welcome briefs from all sectors. 


Below is a walk through of our services.

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The fundamental reassurance we give.

Irrespective of the Scope of Works, we apply our proven Design and Production Management system.

The singular reason our projects are successful.

Reliability stems from managing the entire production.

Our management system gives us over-riding authority, control and responsibility for all stages of a Build. 

Our PMs & Supervisors have comprehensive management skills encompassing Scheduling, Location, Logistics, Recycling and Sustainability.

We're credited with the most award-winning, benchmark projects of our kind. Our unrivalled insight and expertise

offers the strongest chance of making an idea physically credible and achievable. 

We are quick at fleshing out the fundamentals of any concept by drawing on parallels from previous work.

We share free advice based on instinct and experience regarding method, sustainability, leadtime and topline costs. 

When a project's complex or needs resources invested to get the green light, we offer a Feasibility Study. Read more.

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We thrive on exploring a concept's potential - embracing the fascinating challenges and hurdles that go hand in hand with ambitious and original work.

Discovery - we stress-test instinctive ideas and solutions set out in our Pitch, and incorporate any amendments to the Scope of Works.

With more concrete information such as dates, location and production budget, we draw together a formal Production Strategy This includes sustainability measures to aim for a Net Carbon process, involving forecast recycling targets.

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Creative Technologists and Digital Programmers are an important part of our team.

The modern day audience is sophisticated and demanding. Our Tech and Construction designers work closely to make our Builds physically impressive and technologically cutting edge. 

We'll push the concept to see how we can effectively integrate real-time features, to enhance the idea, generate a greater audience experience, and optimise social media traffic.

When the origin subject or 3D file is unavailable, our feature-film grade digital sculptors create the file; CGI characters, A-List talent, the natural world or a product. Sculpting digitally not only delivers high accuracy on the bit everyone sees, the outside, but in tandem with Construction CAD, we incorporate critical back-of-house internal voids for structures, electronics and services.  Digital files are then ready for export to 3D print, CNC, injection moulding and other production systems.

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3D Scan                                                                   Cleaned up 3D scan as digital sculpt

Our philosophy is simple: 

The Brief has to dictate how a project is built - never remoulded into a more convenient form to suit which resources are available at a given time.

We use our expansive network to pair up the supply chain the project deserves, in order to fulfil the brief faithfully and effectively.

Not bound by any four walls, over 30 production manufacturing systems are available to us. (See list).

We have over 50 Specialist Teams in our network, with 3-4 options of the most in-demand services. 

Each a leader in their own specialism: Cutting edge technology and equipment, benchmark facilities, backed up with trusted technical and managerial infrastructure.

Our network is growing each month as we scour the industry for new technologies and new teams.

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Planning Permission and Special Licenses are critical to some installations. We take the workload and stress out of preparing and submitting documentation with International Authorities and Governing Bodies.

Our logistics and specialist lifting teams have been with us for 20 years, transporting, manoeuvring and lifting significant objects into busy global locations.

We make effort to reduce emissions from large vehicles and plant machinery, such as Vehicular Movement Consolidation Plans (VMCP).

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Our 30 year Health & Safety Record is without blemish. 

To complement our specialist manufacture teams we have Independent Consultants;  Risk Assessors, Event Safety Officers and Structural Engineers.

This protects our team and the public, and safeguards a client's trust and investment.

Our approach strikes the balance between producing something ambitious, yet safe and reliable.

The number of successful World Firsts & Records in our work is testament to this approach. 

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6Wonders is or the most sustainable production system in the industry.

There's no compromise on innovation or build quality, and negligible impact on production budget.


We share transparent production data, culminating in recycling certificates at a project's break-down.

Go to our 6Wonders page to read what the industry problems are, who they impact, and the solutions and benefits we bring.

We plant six sapling oaks in the name of every project with Trees for Cities. Each tree will offset 1 tonne of carbon in its lifetime. Since 2005, we've proudly planted over 1100 trees.

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