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Renault sports Formula E


- To build a 3/4 scale highly accurate replica of the Renault Sport Formula E Racing car.

- Used by children aged 5-14 years old as a Pit Lane Experience at Kidzania, London.

- Child H&S of paramount importance. Weights of individual hands-on components and tools to be made suitable for large age range.

- Long term durability of car bodywork, components and tools to be R&D'd to withstand 100 children per day, 7 days a week.

- No car CAD data available from Team Renault. 3D Scanning of car in live workshop facility also not practical.

- 3D construction drawing files of Car to be generated from scratch as part of Design phase.

- Technical support/mechanical snagging team during first 30 days.

Formula E Kidzania pit lane experience



Design - Timeframe 1 month.

- Access granted to Team e.DAMS' workshop facility at Donnington race track to measure and photograph actual car.

- 3D model of car reconstructed in Solidworks CAD. 

Production - Time frame 4 months:

- Steel sub frame. 5 axis polystyrene body shape machined from CAD.

- polystyrene bodywork coated and sanded to high finish, moulded and cast in GRP.

- GRP bodywork fitted to steel frame.

- bodywork finished to super high gloss with full livery.

- Additional carbon fibre details included such as front and rear fins, wheel shafts, dampeners, steering rods.

- High performance hybrid rubber compounds developed over six weeks to attain durable, lightweight tyres for children as low as 5 years old.

- small, lightweight cordless hand drills adapted as wheel wrenches for tyre changes.

Resprayed and fitted with cast aluminium central nut attachment.

- Ultra-light cast aluminium wheels offered wheel stability and strength, whilst lowering overall weight.

- Installation at Kidzania and Technical support/mechanical snagging team during first 30 days.

Renault Formula E replica kidzania



6 sapling oaks were planted with Trees for Cities for this project. Each of which will off-set one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.