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In a major year of sport, Adidas is driving its innovation forward to better serve the needs of female athletes with its biggest commitment to women. London has more statues of men and animals than it does of women. 21% of statues are of men, with animals representing 8% and just 4% featuring a woman. 
Adidas is pushing for greater representation of women in London with this series of statues immortalising 8 changemaking women featuring Eniola Aluko, Francesca Brown, Tanya Compas, Asma Elbadawi, Ellie Goldstein, Vivianne Miedema, Emily Scarratt and Sherrie Silver.


Beautiful Wonder was approached by We Are Hyperactive  to explore the feasibility of producing highly accurate, lifelike, 3Dimensional statues of the above change makers. 

i) Formulate a production process that could deliver the accuracy and lifelike statues the project demanded.

ii) Deliver the project to the highest possible level of sustainability.

iii) Supervise and oversee all H&S procedures for installation and derig crew on site.

iv) Oversee structural engineers calculations & certifications.

Zero SUP badge.png


3d printed statue of Tanya Compas
3d printed statue of Emily Scarratt

To realise this particularly demanding nature of this brief, we pulled 

together a fantastic team of three specialists from our network;

i) Full body 3D scanners

ii) 3D printers

iii) Modelmakers & finishers


Each talent was full body scanned in our scanning facility to capture

every detail from 360°. In order to prepare the 3D file for 3d printing,

the chosen 'take' was then digitally cleaned up of surface data gaps/

holes and hair adjusted to offer 3D printable surfaces and textures.

Finally, brand and sportswear logos were enhanced to be more

surface proud. 

Each figure's 3D file was then meticulously sud-divided into 30-40

body sections, with internal voids for connecting steel sections, and

locator pegs to ensure the components assembled accurately with

negligible seams. We only 3D print with recycled marine and

industrial waste plastics, making these statues highly sustainable.

Finally the modelmaker team put in the elbow grease to smooth every

inch of the surfaces by hand, removing any hint of a seam, working up

to an ultra smooth finish.

Timber plinths were constructed to the same finish, with lazercut

proud letters affixed and further graphics applied.

Internal steel frames acted as 'locators' for spigots that extended out

from each statue's lower legs.

Our structural engineers calculated the overturning wind speeds and

associated ballast requirement -the internal voids doubling up as

storage space for the 200kg water drum ballast per statue.

Eniola Eluko being 3d body scanned for Adidas Support is Everything
Eniola Parts (2).jpg
3d printed statue of Francesca Brown
3d printed statue of Asma Elbadawi


3d printed statue of Asma Elbadawi
3d printed statue of Ellie Goldstein
3d printed statue of Francesca Brown
3d printed statue of Eniola Aluko
3d printed statue of Vivianne Miedema
3d printed statue of Sherrie Silver
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 14.22.19.png

When the talent met themselves

Tanya Compas meeting her Adidas Support is Everything statue
Eniola Aluko meeting her Adidas Support is Everything statue
Sherrie Silver meeting her Adidas Support is Everything statue
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