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McDonalds Passionmeter concept sketch



What began life as a sketched background silhouette in a TV commercial storyboard, Passionmeter first evolved into a key TV set, and then ultimately into two Interactive Fan Experiences for the UEFA EUROS  2012 Warsaw and Kiev 'Fanzones'.

The Passionmeters would record groups of football fans' passion by way of decibel level, gestures and vibrations, and determine Europe's most passionate fans. 

Building a film/tv Set is something the Agency (DDB Paris) and Production Company (Crossroads) were all too familiar, but an electronically interactive, weatherproof, durable structure built to withstand hundreds of thousands of revellers over 3 weeks, required another level of experience and know-how all together. 

Working closely with the commercial's Director and DDB Paris, we were tasked with translating The Passionmeters from a line drawing sketch to full blown working construction drawings, into two 7m high, fully interactive structures.

Designed, built, shipped and installed in just 10 weeks. A massive undertaking.

McDonalds Passionmeter design drawing
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 23.16.53.png
McDonalds Passionmeter concept design drawing
McDonalds Passionmeter design drawing
McDonalds Passionmeter concept design drawing
McDonalds Passionmeter design drawing
McDonalds Passionmeter construction design drawing



- Two 7m high Passionmeters built, transported and installed in Warsaw, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine.

- Concept progressed through artist impression sketches to final rendered pre-visuals.

- Structural engineer certified construction drawings.

- Full Fire Safety and Electrical Compliance documentation submitted to UEFA prior to production commencement.

- Steel frame construction clad in timbers, stretch fabrics and fibreglass components.

- Inner central console with activation buttons for each participating European team.

- Internal wall of LED neon tubing fitted as 'decibel-level display', moving up and down in sync with decibel level.

- Interior space fitted with decibel, movement capture and tremble sensors. Data relayed to results/score board via central PC.

- Stacked column of outdoor screens mounted into roof to display live feed of combined sensory-scores .

- Three outdoor screen structures displaying live scoreboard to queueing crowds.

- Exterior structure clad in 'fabric trumpets' - corkscrewed steel wire frames covered in stretch lycra.

- Comprehensive UEFA EURO 2012 H&S/RAMS documentation submitted.

- 12 man crew coordinated at each location.

- Tech support technician on site for 21 days. Further tech back-up provided off-site. 

McDonalds Passionmeter
McDonalds Passionmeter
McDonalds Passionmeter
McDonalds Passionmeter
MCDS leaderCapture copy.PNG



McDonalds Passionmeter installation
McDonalds Passionmeter


The Passionmeters were a huge success.

Voted Best 'Fanzone Experience' in Warsaw and Kiev. 

Over half a million fans measured their passion during the campaign.

6 sapling oaks were planted with Trees for Cities for this project. Each of which will off-set one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.

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