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Effective Production

We are at our most effective as Production Partner

during the three pivotal stages of production.

Our Physical-Reality-Filter - The most valuable service we offer - an assessment of a concept's objectives and ambition, and whether  they marry with the lead times and budget. This is where experience takes centre stage.

A bold, daring or original concept, will benefit from qualified assurances surrounding lead times and production costs.

Sound advice alleviates fears of missed activation dates or unexpected costs. 

A project should be innovative and newsworthy but with a manageable level of risk, appropriate to the circumstances.

Preliminary dialogue to nurture a concept is free of charge. 

Concept Development

Pre-Production: Design & strategy

We don't just build - we help to strategise.

Our portfolio makes us the most diverse and versatile production supplier to all creative sectors.

'Multi-discipline' crossovers often feature in our work.

First-hand instinct drawn from experience gives us the edge when considering how to maximise a project's potential.

 We spot how to adapt single discipline into multi-discipline activations with little or negligible associated costs,

but with significant advantages such as enhanced coverage and social media traffic.

The disciplines we span


Brand experience



PR & Press stunts

The Arts

Exhibition & Expo  




Product prototyping

Production & Installation

With design and strategy locked down, there's the small matter of ensuring excellent build quality and meeting deadlines.

Credited with the most award-winning, benchmark projects of our kind, no business has consistently realised as many

World Firsts, World Records and industry benchmark projects. We draw parallels from 1000 projects to make a brave and original brief feel less like unchartered waters.

Time and time again, we relish the challenges of a demanding project, and use our production and management experience to build and install in all locations around the globe.

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