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3D printed Skull & Gargoyles.
ICE Gaming.

Yggdrassil Giant skull concept drawings


An exhibition stand for Yggdrasil Gaming at ICE Gaming Conference, EXCEL London.

Promoting 'Vikings Go To Hell'.

1. 4m Skull 3D printed following conceptual visuals/development. 3D digital sculpting required to translate visual into 3D Production file. Client sought a printing system capable of the 4m scale, as 5-8 Axis CNC unsuitable.

2. Skull to contain 2 x LED screens for content and required internal truss support for suspension over head and internal cable management.

3. 4 off 1m high gargoyles characters 3D printed and finished with mounting points for top of exhibition stand. Fitted with internal LEDs.

3. 12 off carved stonework slabs/pillars as exterior buttress features to stand.

Yggdrasil pillar and gargoyle illustration


- Visuals translated into 3D files in ZBrush digital sculpting software.

- Skull manufactured employing SuperHuge 3D Printing, our hybrid OLM printing system

(Chinchilla Ltd, partner company). 

- Skull fitted with aluminium truss, LED screens and AV cabling.

- Gargoyles hand finished following desktop modular 3d printing process in component sections.

Stonework CNC cut and assembled in polystyrene sections.

- All elements Polyurethane resin hard-coated, hand finished and painted by feature film scenic painters. 

- Logistics and installation team for Excel.

Yggdrasil ICE Gaming giant skull ZBrush digital sculpt
Yggdrasil ICE Gaming giant skull ZBrush digital sculpt
Yggdrasil ICE Gaming giant skull SuperHuge 3D Print
Yggdrasil ICE Gaming Gargoyle 3D print
Yggdrasil ICE Gaming Giant skull 3D print
Yggdrasil ICE Gaming exhibition stand





A highly successful, impactful exhibition stand drawing large volumes of press and social media traffic.


i) Secondary use polystyrene procured for project. 

ii) Non toxic resins and paints used for finishing.

iii) End-of-use Recycling Plan in place for future: Polystyrene surfaces to be stripped of resin to enable

recycling processes with polystyrene manufacturer.

Skull and Gargoyles currently touring further exhibitions and Yggrdasil's global offices.

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