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What's the problem?

1. Procurement:

The Global Consumer Experiential market is worth $75bn, with a resulting $8.3bn spent on material procurement by Production. (UK Experiential market £170m / £18m respectively.)*

2. Currently, there isn't a culture

to put sustainability and recycling

at the forefront of production design.

4. The direct result is that c.80%/$6.6bn (£14.4m UK) of production materials (waste and end product) is neither

sourced sustainably, nor recycled.





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Who suffers as a result?

Every one of us. Lack of dedicated attention to the sustainable sourcing of materials has a direct impact on global warming and climate change, through the unnecessarily higher procurement of virgin raw materials and products. It creates higher energy consumption and carbon footprints, project by project.


Poor focus on how a Build will break down at the end of its use, and its cost effectiveness (Resources v Expense) means 80% of waste is not recycled, going instead to landfill.

People who are at risk of Human Rights abuse. The material supply chain (processing and manufacturing of raw materials) for the Production industry extends globally from UK/European retailers, often to third world /developing countries. Unless monitored for Ethical Audit Reports, slave labour and human rights abuse can occur and be indirectly supported by their involvement.

3. There is no formal expectation for the recycling of production waste and builds

at their ‘Break-down'. With no established

industry infrastructure, recycling is invariably resource-intensive for the production supplier, often at their own cost.

*Net worth from Report by PQMedia 2017.  

Estimate mean % figures BW's own: $25bn (30%) production budget. 30% of production budget on material procurement.


Our Beautiful solution


When you appoint Beautiful Wonder, we kick-start our Design & Discovery phase.

This incorporates our proprietary production system, 6Wonders™.    


​Starting with upstream design consultation, we put together and share a tailored sustainable Production Plan: We minimise the carbon foot- print by addressing energy consumption through raw materials, supply chain, production partners, logistics, recycling and project legacy.​


​We draw on our established Network of over 50 sustainable material suppliers and production specialists whose Ethical Audit Reports we can share. We vet any new suppliers with our qualified Sustainability, Labour Rights and Recycling experts.​


​We dramatically reduce the impact of your project on the planet. Greatly increased recycle percentages ensure our circular economy principles are delivered on. 

Analysis & Debrief: 

We track and measure the impact against 6Wonders™ and share this with recommendations for future efficiencies.​


​One Brand at a time, we are signing up businesses to commit to sustainable production and tackle the part our industry and consumerism plays in climate change. Our goal is an established industry standard that integrates sustainability ethics currently not addressed, and drive recycling percentages to a height that this industry can be proud of, not ashamed.

All without any compromise on our performance.

We support

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