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How it works, fees and FAQs

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Got an early doors idea?

We're available for free, instinctive advice, just to flesh out the madness from the genius. We draw on experience of 1000 projects over 30 years. 

Who knows - we could be helping to foster and nurture the next Cannes Grand Prix winner.

Beyond that any serious idea needs some experience and timed dedicated to it.

Our Sustainable Production Guide has proven invaluable in the following scenarios:

Concept's signed off 'in principle'?

Time for free advise ends here unfortunately.

But if the client has bought-in and estimate budget is approved, it's time to match their commitment with a conscientious and detailed assessment of its feasibility and opportunities. Something that takes 1-2 weeks on average. Only then can the concept's true ambition and potential be evaluated and weighed up versus related costs.

Our Sustainable Production Guide encompasses a detailed and thorough evaluation, breakdown and summary document of the concept's feasibility from both a technical production point of view (physical manufacture, opportunities for innovation, production lead time and budget), and also a list of steps and processes from our 6Wonders Sustainable Production System.   

Yet to confirm your production partner but want a sustainable solution?

We have absolute faith the dialogue between us and yourselves as we prepare the Guide, will confirm our experience and suitability to be entrusted with your project. If you award us the project, we'll seamlessly activate our 6Wonders system into the production process.

Should you have another production partner in mind, its likely they wont have such a tried and tested system as ours in place, to deliver a sustainable project. Purposely , the information and tools contained within our Guide is completely transferrable to any production partner of choice. They can implement these steps into their own production design and process and maximise the projects's sustainability and recycling statistics.




Whats the cost of the Fee?

£2999 Plus VAT (UK 20%)


2 weeks on average. Lead time established on project by project basis.

How does the Guide pay for itself?

1. 'Design and Discovery', which is embedded within the Guide is the most critical stage of any idea. The more unique and orginal the idea the more innovation and unknowns lie ahead. We'll extrapolate information from you to get a full understanding of the brief and its context. Discussing aspects of the idea in relation to manufacture and sustainability help to stress-test the concept, sometimes unearthing some flaws and shortcomings, but almost always uncovering how to maximise potential and opportunities.

We maximise the available budget and minimise inefficiencies and missed opportunities prior to production commencing.

2. The Guide can cover more than one concept. You may have 2-3 different concepts for a campaign. We establish the pros and cons of each idea.

The level of detail helps to establish each idea's feasibility and reduces risking far higher sums of money on an idea not stress-tested. On every occasion, the fee proves a small price to pay to understand  which idea of many is the most suited to proceed with, and will best deliver on the intentions and ambition of the concept.

3. We deduct the fee from our quoted total production costs when you award Beautiful Wonder the work. How do we justify that? The Design and Discovery represents the initial groundwork we would need to do first.  It gives us a 'leg up' to hit the ground running faster and more effectively.

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