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Poor focus on how projects will break down, and their cost effectiveness to recycle, means 80% ($6.6bn) of global production waste is not recycled, going instead to landfill.  

Elevated use of unsustainable materials drives a higher global procurement of $8.6bn virgin raw materials and products, driving energy consumption and CO2 emissions upwards.

The material supply chain to the production industry extends globally to third world and developing countries.

Lack of Ethical Audit Reports and unmonitored procurement unknowingly supports slave labour and human rights abuse.

Their impact

One campaign to the next, the creative industries are leaving their mark. To reach net carbon, the industry must prioritise sustainability

The industry's contribution toward the Climate Crisis

Systemic problems


Too little emphasis is placed upon sustainability and recycling during concept development and construction design.

No established industry infrastructure or regulation exists to enable greater recycling at project break-down.

Production uses high % of first-time-use raw materials and products, and low % of recycled/reconditioned alternatives.


Overseas material supply chains and production facilities go predominantly unchecked and unaudited for sustainability.

Exposing the vulnerable.

Here are three

Beautiful Wonder
'tools' to increase 



Our Sustainable Production Guide is a tailored service, specific to each unique brief.

Adaptable to all concept development and bidding scenarios.

Our Guides help evolve great ideas into a tangible and realistic production plans. 

We can focus on a single concept, or evaluate and compare multiple ideas to help determine a frontrunner.

Our work stream includes recommendations of UK  & international production techniques, manufacture  facilities, opportunities for innovation, and an ethical material supply chain.

Putting recycling and sustainability on level footing with production technicalities during this defining step, not only signifies to stakeholders you have a plausible and risk-averse concept ready to sign off,  but ensures the project's footprint has been responsibly considered.


The Guide segues neatly into our 6Wonders Sustainable Production System should you award us the project. Alternatively it can be shared with your production partner of choice to implement within their own build strategy. 

Beautiful Wonder UK  Jez Clarke  Sustainable Production Guide logo

The Sustainable Production System

The first of its kind in the creative industries.

6Wonders is Beautiful Wonder's proprietary production system putting centre stage the recycling targets and sustainability objectives that any project can achieve.


When you're ready to commit, we activate 6Wonders and open up our network of 50+ ethically audited production facilities and material supply chain, assembling a bespoke team comprising sustainable production experts.

Hands down it assures the most sustainable "build-solution" to a creative idea. 

Beautiful Wonder UK Jez Clarke  Be More Octopus  sustainable Production

At Beautiful Wonder we like to focus on what we do best -highly specialised centre-piece features within a project.

Frequently asked by our clients to undertake other aspects or the entire campaign, we have partnered with Cooper Collective, a sustainability focussed Brand Experience agency.

'Be More Octopus' builds on 6Wonders to facilitate project-wide levels of sustainability.

Between us and Cooper we can handle as many aspects of a project required.

Who rocks our 

'world of sustainability' 

We support The United Nations Sustainable Global Development Goals, endeavouring to emulate the goals within 6Wonders, and our day to day business ethics.

Purpose Disruptors have mobilised the advertising industry and its clients.

Their Open Letter raises valuable questions about consumerism and its impact on Global Warming.

Agencies have responded in high number, signing up to tackle the emergency on a unified front.

Create & Strike, conceived for the climate crisis marches of September 2019 was the first significant, collective demonstration by the industry of its commitment.

United Nations Sustainable Development G
Climate Crisis Create and Strike London protests
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