The Sustainable Production System  


The largest ever annual fall in global CO2 emissions, following the COVID-19-related drop in industrial activity, is irrefutable proof. 

A collective desire for a 'green coronavirus recovery' is apparent, so now is the time to make a positive change to how your next campaign is produced.

 We are passionate about environmental responsibility and facing the climate crisis emergency.

6Wonders is our proprietary production system for those who seek the most sustainable "build-solution". 

It represents a formidable and significantly improved style of production partnership that still wows audiences, but doesn't take its toll on the planet. 

Below, we outline the systemic problems within the industry, and the solutions we bring. 

For a more in-depth understanding please get in touch for our 6Wonders presentation deck.

Working with clients who have specific sustainability directives to follow, or who share a passion to make a conscientious difference, 6Wonders represents a formidable and significantly improved style of Production Partnership that still wows audiences, but works in harmony with the planet. 

Insight to the problem

Commonly, there is not enough emphasis placed upon sustainability and recycling during concept development and construction design.

Production has a high dependency on first-time-use raw materials and products, with a low percentage of recycled or reconditioned alternatives. There is no established industry infrastructure or regulation to enable greater recycling at project break-down. Combined, the result is an unsustainable supply chain and huge volumes of materials directed to land fill.

One campaign to the next, creative projects are leaving their mark. To reach net carbon, the industry must clean up its act. 

The impact

C02 emissions

Elevated use of unsustainable materials drives a higher global procurement of $8.6bn virgin raw materials and products, driving energy consumption and CO2 emissions upwards.


The Vulnerable

The material supply chain to the production industry extends globally to third world and developing countries.

Lack of Ethical Audit Reports and unmonitored procurement unknowingly supports slave labour and human rights abuse.

Expanding Landfill sites

Poor focus on how a build will break down, and its cost effectiveness to recycle means 80%/$6.6bn of waste is not recycled, going instead to landfill. 


Sustainably designed and produced 6m humpback whale sculpture

6 steps in the right direction

6Wonders helps to address the impact caused by the industry's systemic problems. 

Our system puts centre stage the recycling targets and sustainability objectives that any project can achieve.

Critically, at the point of concept development and construction design.

We discuss the six specific steps in detail when we explore and highlight the opportunities within each new brief.


Made to measure:

We tailor a sustainable production plan for every project: We minimise the carbon foot-print by addressing energy consumption through raw materials, supply chain, production partners, logistics, recycling and project legacy.​

​Our Network is key:

Over 50 sustainable material suppliers and production specialists at our fingertips.

New suppliers are vetted by our qualified sustainability, labour rights and recycling experts.​

Analysis & Debrief: 

We track and measure the lowered impact of a project, and

substantiate with transparent 

production data for use in media channels.

We issue recommendations for future efficiencies.

​Industry Standard:

One brand and project at a time, we reduce the mark our industry and consumerism leaves.

Our goal is an established industry Standard that delivers net carbon innovative and brilliant campaigns.

Smart-engineering: Low-res 3D printing to capture authentic 'growth layer' formations in coral. Minimisation of raw material usage, maximisation of production budget.

25m coral reef 3D printed using 100% recycled ocean plastic waste.

Ready & Waiting

6Wonders is designed to make adopting a sustainable path an easy decision.

It's all plusses, and no minuses:

High production quality.


Sustainable supply chain.

Materials recycled at break-down.

Little impact on production budget. 

Transparency of data.

Powerful SM and PR content.

Ready to discuss a new brief? We'd love to discuss 6Wonders and divulge the 6 Steps in more detail.

See award winning and sustainably built projects in our Work.

FAQs & misconceptions 

We support

We support The United Nations Sustainable Global Development Goals, endeavouring to emulate the goals within 6Wonders, and our day to day business ethics.

Purpose Disruptors have mobilised the advertising industry and its clients.

Their Open Letter raises valuable questions about consumerism and its impact on Global Warming.

Agencies have responded in high number, signing up to tackle the emergency on a unified front.

Create & Strike, conceived for the climate crisis marches of September 2019 was the first significant, collective demonstration by the industry of its commitment.

Proud supporters of Trees for Cities since 2005.

We plant 6 sapling oaks for every project we complete. 1100 trees and counting. Each Oak will offset 1 tonne of carbon in its lifetime. 

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