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The Sustainable Production System  


With the irrefutable proof of the largest ever annual fall in global CO2 emissions following the COVID-19 

related drop in industrial activity, there is a collective desire for a 'green recovery'.

Now is the time for greater conscientiousness on projects, and our proprietary sustainable production system 6Wonders helps do exactly that.

Passionate about environmental responsibility, we work with clients who have specific sustainability directives to follow, or who share a passion to make a difference. Audiences are still 'wowed', but with an environmentally responsible "build-solution" that doesn't take its toll on the planet. 


For a more in-depth understanding or to discuss a brief, please get in touch for our 

6Wonders presentation deck.

Beautiful wonder UK  Jez Clarke  Sky Ocean Rescue  6Wonders ssustainable production system

Smart-engineering: Low-res 3D printing to capture

authentic 'growth layer' formations in coral.

Minimisation of raw material usage, maximisation

of production budget.

Sky Ocean Rescue's 

 100% sustainable cafe.

25m long coral reef 3D printed using 100% recycled ocean plastic waste.

How does it work?

6Wonders helps to address the impact caused by the industry's systemic problems. 

Our system uses 6 specific steps to put centre stage the recycling targets and sustainability objectives that any project can achieve. Critically, this starts at the point of concept development and construction designWe divulge the specific steps in detail when we explore and highlight the opportunities within each new brief.

​Our Network is key:

Over 50 sustainable material suppliers and production specialists at our fingertips.

New suppliers are vetted by our qualified sustainability, labour rights and recycling experts.​

Analysis & Debrief: 

We track and measure the lowered impact of a project, and

substantiate with transparent 

production data for use in media channels.

We issue recommendations for future efficiencies.

Made to measure:

We tailor a sustainable production plan for every project: We minimise the carbon foot-print by addressing energy consumption through raw materials, supply chain, production partners, logistics, recycling and project legacy.​

​Industry Standard:

One brand and project at a time, we reduce the mark our industry and consumerism leaves.

Our goal is an established industry Standard that delivers net carbon innovative and brilliant campaigns.

Pride and confidence  promoting sustainability

6Wonders is a reflection of our experience and versatility, and as such fits any and every type of brief. 

Our assurance is that no stone is left unturned, nor any small detail overlooked that could undermine the best intentions of the work. 6Wonders assesses sustainability and recycling measures for every aspect of the project.

Industry is afoot with lip service regarding sustainability. 6Wonders is genuine, thorough and transparent.

Production doesn't commence until a watertight production back story holds firm under scrutiny. We'll review our production solution through innovative dialogue that pays equal consideration to the creative, technical, sustainability and PR perspectives.  Your PR and SM content should be published with confidence.

All plusses

Does a sustainable solution cost more to build?

8/10 times, no. Focussing sustainability and recycling objectives during the Design & Discovery stage often results in cost efficiencies and streamlines a budget. Our intricate critical path analysis reduces costly surprises that can otherwise occur. 

Do briefs need to be simplified in order to make them sustainably?

No. To be sustainable does not mean the suppression of original, bold and innovative ideas.

We nurture and integrate sustainable production paths with the most challenging of concepts.

Will it look like it's fashioned from 2nd hand, reclaimed materials?

Not unless you want it to. Our smart design uses sustainable supply chains and manufacturing methods. Second hand and reconditioned materials are utilised through nationwide community projects, but pose zero compromise to our production finish.

What can we do as the client, to maximise the results?

Short lead time is this industry's nemesis, and it is the common reason projects are not as sustainable as they should be.

Give us 3-4 additional weeks (av.), for Design & Discovery  which incorporates 6Wonders. The more time, the greater the results. International and highly innovative Briefs often take the supply chain overseas and this additional time is critical for safeguarding Ethical Audit Reports and the verification of source materials.

6Wonders is tried and tested and ready to fit your project.

It has been perfected to enhance our work ethics and fit around the complexities of bespoke technical projects.

There is no compromise by implementing sustainable measures.


Common Qs & misconceptions

Ready to discuss a new brief? We'd love to discuss 6Wonders in more detail.

 See award winning and sustainably built projects in our Work.

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