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Midnight Rainbow

Samsung Midnight Rainbow design drawing


A publicity stunt to promote the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

An arch of 150 approx Tablets constructed in an arch on The South Bank of The River Thames to create a 'Midnight rainbow' for Londoners to enjoy from dusk to midnight.

- to drive large social media traffic and gain press coverage.



- Steel frame architecture including self-supporting ballast design.

- Construction drawings certified by independent structural engineers.

- stablising steel wires including as contingency site plan.

- Tablets mounted on to steel frame with security fittings.

- Spectrum colour-way programmed through the arch of tablets in CAD, and sequenced through a daisy-chained electronic cable network.

Samsung Midnight Rainbow installation
Samsung Midnight Rainbow St.Paul's Cathedral
Samsung Midnight Rainbow Rriver Thames by night
Samsung Midnight Rainbow St. Paul's Cathedral




A highly successful publicity stunt, capturing high volumes of press coverage and large social media traffic due to its highly photogenic nature with London landmarks framed by the arch.

Winner of Best Publicity Stunt, SABRE Awards.

Pre-dates 6Wonders Sustainable Production System for formal data.

A highly sustainable project with 80% approx recycling-  Steel frames and ballast recycled, electrical cabling and mechanical fittings all reused on numerous further projects.

6 sapling oaks were planted with Trees for Cities for this project. Each of which will off-set one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.