Through the assembly of unique, technically innovative teams for each individual project, Beautiful Wonder revolutionises how bespoke, Creative Builds are produced, sustainably. 

Our proprietary system 6Wonders  involves six step-by-step processes to ensure your concept is designed, built and recycled in the most sustainable way possible within the budget and timeframe.

6Wonders  offers the most substantiated set of production data in the industry.

When we respond to a brief, we talk through how our six steps will achieve the most sustainably produced and recycled solution you can get in the industry. 

Beautiful Wonder assembles a unique team of industry leaders for each of its projects from a closely guarded network of over FIFTY specialist teams.

Demonstrating 25 years award-winning experience, we project manage a technical build to completion, bringing to life innovative concepts with unparalleled quality and reassurance.

We've done a diagram to illustrate what our network looks like:



"The bespoke manufacturing of any innovative creative project from under-one-roof is out of date.

Modern day projects have become enormously varied in scope. (Formerly Hothouse I Want Gets Ltd 1991-2016) we've produced some of the most challenging projects going, and experienced first hand, how innovative and 

surprising Briefs have become to win over what are now very sophisticated audiences. 

You can't second guess the pipeline, and therefore to respond to every type of brief from one facility is unrealistic. The disciplines of sculpture, technology, light and interactivity are just examples of the crossovers commonplace in today's market.

Through our network of industry-leading, specialist suppliers Beautiful Wonder has a comprehensive 

scope of skills, technology and experts at our fingertips to marry the right team to any given job.

This network comprises solid, trusted relationships forged over 25 years, each a front runner in their field of expertise, and carefully vetted to offer sustainable production techniques.

Whilst tasked with innovating production to re-invent, we mitigate the risks involved with bespoke, unique Builds.

We achieve this by 'lily-padding' the construction from one specialist to the next - each with maximum experience and know-how , making them best placed to minimise the learning curve whilst pushing the boundaries. 

Coupled with an unrivalled experience of all disciplines of the industry, Beautiful Wonder is the best production partner to develop your concept into a technically innovative, low risk Build to fit within your production window and available budget."

Jez Clarke, Founder.

Positioned snugly within the network is Chinchilla 3D,  a partner company to Beautiful Wonder. 

Home to Digital Sculpting, 3D Scanning Services, and SuperHuge 3D Printing  - the only system in the world for 3D printed 5m+ high polystyrene sculptures of impeccable accuracy and wow factor. 

Why is a network necessary in today's industry?


We employ TWO innovative systems unique to the production industry:


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