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How a Network of Specialists is cost effective.

I have 25 years first hand experience of running a successful Manufacture Facility trying to second guess the next technology curve in our field. Always hoping that the briefs from our clients mirror our predictions and investments. Frankly, it’s always been very hard because by the very nature of ‘Special Builds’ they are randomly unique and inventive. One project will require a completely different production method to the next.

The implementation, management and maintenance of any new system is time consuming and requires focus and continual training on the job as every project poses fresh challenges and a learning curve.

If a number of new systems are introduced in to a production facility the resources can be stretched and invariably compromised as the management and supervision is spread too thin, with systems often used intermittently.

More to the point, when one’s made a decision to invest in a particular revenue stream the tendency will understandably be to shoehorn the production of as many projects towards that process to offset the investment - whether it is right for the project or not.

Having a network of specialist suppliers instead, allows each supplier to continually invest in their own crew, machinery, equipment, softwares, etc, specific to their field of expertise.

Introducing companies in to the Beautiful Wonder network that ONLY specialise, maximises the opportunity for them to be focussed on what they do best, and on the advances in equipment and materials that they use on a day to day basis.

For example with one supplier excelling in fibreglass production, another in spray coating technologies, another in 3D Printing and so on, Beautiful Wonder’s scope grows exponentially with each of its members.

What is fundamental is that there is more longevity, integrity and cost effectiveness with this system. What is a very effective system today, will remain so.

A Production Management system comprising Specialists who drive themselves to be at the top of their game is the perfect set-up. They’re not dictated to or influenced by each type of brief I get in. They just get on with their own thing and when they are relevant, they are ready with the latest systems and skillsets.

Furthermore, as they get even better, so does the service Beautiful Wonder can offer.

Jez Clarke


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