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Virtually Real; yet another World First!

Last night was the launch of HTC Vive and The Royal Academy's innovative collaboration and the spotlight for Artists Jessy Jetpacks. Adham Faramawy and Elliot Dodd who've created artworks in HTC's virtual reality software Vive Tilt Brush.

The 3d files were then produced by Beautiful Wonder and Chinchilla 3D as massive 3D prints using our proprietary SuperHuge 3D printing system.

An amazing success.

It was a delicate journey as we guided the artists through the SuperHuge 3D Printing process. As they got to grips with the state of the art software, we were ever-mindful to not overly dictate what the artists should or shouldn't create as artworks.

So it was especially pleasing to help produce three diversely different pieces of work which the artists confirm remain true to their original visions.

'The Fine Rooms' at the gallery make for a perfect setting to magnify the glimpse in to the future this could be; Perhaps VR will become another everyday option in an artist's toolkit?

It was particularly fascinating seeing the green screens and real-time VR feed on monitors alongside 200 yr old art.

Massive thanks to Pieter, Lindsay and Mike at Hope & Glory PR, Mark and Eddie at The Royal Academy, and Jessy, Adham and Elliot for inviting us to be involved in such an innovative project.

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