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- Engaged by PR Agency, Taylor Herring, we are tasked with conceiving and designing a publicity stunt to launch UKTV's new natural history channel, Eden.

- Stunt to be unique in design to maximise exposure and interest - something never done before.

- The Press achieved to be international in reach.

- KPIs to drive traffic to UKTVs website, and highlight the Fragile Earth series being aired on channel.

- Concepts explored various dry ground, central London activations, but settled on one that focussed the attention of the melting

ice caps with a stricken polar bear and cub adrift on an ice berg on The River Thames.

- Responsibilities to include all transport and H&S logistics and coordination with The Port of London Authority (PoLA).


Polar Bear on The Thames with Towerbridge


- A 30'x30' iceberg , weighing 2 tonnes, built over a floating pontoon structure.

- Ice berg and polar bears sculpted in secondary-use polystyrene, and coated in polyurethane resin.

- Structural reinforcement frames fitted inside for towing couplings to pilot vessel.

- Ice berg tested on dry dock waterway prior to live event.

- Close coordination and cooperation with PoLA to design a large, dramatic but safe proposal, adhering to all Thames commercial waterway criteria.

- Ice berg towed by pilot tug boat on two long tethers (out of frame) from Greenwich to Westminster, shadowed by an additional support vessel. Support vessel transported press photographer pack to capture images with multiple London landmark backdrops including Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The Eye, City Hall and The Tower of London - offering news editors several unique images for media channels. 

- Specific focus given to the construction of the ice berg and its Polyurethane coating, to ensure zero escape of polystyrene beads and detritus into The Thames.

- Our post-event Production Proposal included a 95% recycling projection upon break down.

Polar Bear on The Thames with City Hall
Polar Bear on The Thames with Houses of Parliament
Polar Bear on The Thames







One of our most successful publicity stunts. Ten facts that verify its impact.

1. Winner of numerous awards including Best PR Campaign of the Year.

2. Remains to date a benchmark example for PR campaigns/Publicity Stunts.

3. Within 5 hours of activity, fully credited coverage in every daily national (UK) newspaper and respective online streams.

4. Story carried on 50 online websites.

5. Features in every London newspaper on day of activation, including double page feature spread in The Evening Standard.

6. Environmental magazine Ecologist featured the Stunt in their mailout to 25,000 subscribers.

7. Comprehensive international press coverage was maximised with London landmark imagery and the Stunt's endorsement by Sir David Attenborough, from The New York Post to The Brisbane Times.

8. During week of activity coverage extended to 20 editorial websites and 47 blogs.

9. The Stunt reached 254 million people. Web traffic to Eden's site tripled overnight and viewing figures rose by 130% for the programme average.

10. The Polar Bear was permanently donated to a conservational zoo in Scotland.

6 sapling oaks were planted with Trees for Cities for this project. Each of which will off-set one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.

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