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The world's tallest Chocolate Fountain


Fredericks, makers of Cadbury's Ice Cream were looking for a spectacular publicity stunt to promote National Ice Cream Week.

The concept needed to deliver a news-grabbing stunt in London, but then tour the beaches and coastline of the UK through the course fo the summer.

Brainstorming ideas with Fredericks and PR agency Taylor Herring, we settled upon the idea of an amphibious ice cream van sailing The River Thames. We knew it could be built technically, and as a world first, set against London's landmarks it would make for superb imagery.


Fallon, the creators of Joyville, Cadbury's fictional

world conceived the The World's Tallest Chocolate Fountain.

The fountain should use authentic Cadbury chocolate and

include some sampling areas.

To tour the UK visiting London, Birmingham and Manchester.

With a turnaround of just 6 weeks, the level of unchartered

physics, liquid flows, pumping mechanics and installation logistics, presented this project as one with incredible challenges 

and complications. 








- 4 week R&D/Design phase accelerated into 2 weeks.

- Standard production timeframe compressed from 12 to 4 weeks.

- Construction plans certified by independent Structural Engineers.

- Extensive R&D/prototypes completed to perfect the flow of liquid chocolate

around the fountain and to the 'chimney spouts'. 

- Fountain built to a World Record height of 9m.

- 12 tonnes of liquid Cadbury chocolate pumped through the system using 12 x pond-dredging model of pumps.

- Two sampling stations included at ground level.

- Water fountain pump system implemented to create 'chocolate display' in synch to musical soundtrack.

- Steel base architecture, clad in polystyrene, timber, foams and fabrics. 

- Full Design Plan, RAMS documentation including Safe Liquid & Electrical Management Plan submitted to all UK Tour locations prior to construction.

- UK tour completed with 20 person logistics and installation team.



The Joyville Chocolate Fountain has become a benchmark example for Experiential,

omnipresent in ATL and Experiential agencies Pitch-decks and mood boards.

The fountain literally raised the bar (to 9m), in terms of the scope and scale employed to wow its audience.

It stands as one of Cadbury's most successful and engaging campaigns to date, drawing record crowds to events.

The 60 minute video content meant the spectacle lived long in the memory of the 2.5m consumers it reached.

The Fountain was responsibly recycled to 80% upon break down.

6 sapling oaks were planted with Trees for Cities for this project.

Each of which will off-set one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.