Instinctive advice: 

Cost: No charge.  Turnaround: 24-72 hrs.

We love to nurture a concept with our clients so preliminary dialogue is not something we charge for.

Often an idea is very early days, but it wants exploring to move to the next stage. It probably doesn't have a huge guarantee of progressing yet either (8/10 concepts we receive, don't), so neither party can justify committing resources yet.  

We draw on experience of 1000 projects over 30 years with relative ease and speed, and based on comparisons and instinct, flesh out the fundamentals like production method, production lead-time, and advisable budget.

We'll also explore where the opportunities lie for innovation and sustainability.

The bolder the concept, the more risk there may be attached. Clients tend to be risk averse, so our guidance and reassurances on such from previous successes tends to be equally pivotal.

In the coming weeks, our aim will be to evolve the concept into something innovative, but with a manageable level of risk attached. 

Sustainable Production Guide:

Cost: £3000   Turnaround: 2 weeks average, agreed on project by project basis.

A tailored service, specific to each unique brief. Adaptable to all concept development and bidding scenarios.

Our Guides help evolve great ideas into a tangible and realistic production plans. 

We can focus on a single concept, or evaluate and compare multiple ideas to help determine a frontrunner.

Our work stream includes recommendations of UK  & international production techniques, manufacture  facilities, opportunities for innovation, and an ethical material supply chain.

Putting recycling and sustainability on level footing with production technicalities during this defining step, not only signifies to stakeholders you have a plausible and risk-averse concept ready to sign off,  but ensures the project's footprint has been responsibly considered.


The Guide segues neatly into our 6Wonders Sustainable Production System should you award us the project. Alternatively it can be shared with your production partner of choice to implement within their own build strategy. 

Read more on our Sustainability Production Guide page

Instinctive Advice or Feasibility Study

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