We are Beautiful Wonder


We are not the norm. Nor have we ever accepted it.

In this unpredictable era, our versatility and ingenuity is proving invaluable.

We operate the most established and ready-to-go Sustainable Production System currently servicing the production industry. No one is more sustainable than us. Read more.


We're as much about creative and virtual technology as we are about real world physical installations.

We brainstorm new briefs to engage audiences, devising intelligent ideas to wow and connect people.


We are the leading industry producer for dynamic and innovative projects across all creative sectors.

Our unflinching "can-do" mindset, coupled with our unrivalled scope of experience, spanning 30 years and over

1000 creative projects, makes us a formidable and crucial production partner for our clients.


We successfully take on briefs with relish that others would deem unachievable. Our portfolio boasts industry benchmark campaigns of the last 20 years, world firsts, world records and prestigious awards.

Excellence in quality, an environmental conscientiousness, and strong business ethics are the common thread running through every Beautiful Wonder project.


Outcome-focussed, we thrive on delivering both physical and virtual interpretations to a brief.

What matters to our clients and their stakeholders, matters to us.

Due to our experience with integrated campaigns, we bring increased value:


- We help strategise to maximise a concept's effectiveness.

- We engage the audience.

- We provoke social interactivity.

- We strengthen the connection.

We draw a hard line in the sand to WOW every audience, innovating above and beyond what has gone before.


We are proud and invigorated to work differently to the rest of the production industry.

6Wonders minimises the impact our work has on the environment and is central to our business model and code of conduct.

Being able to employ every known production process through our extensive network, is how we are uniquely diverse in reach.

Explore How We differ for more detail. 

When you engage Beautiful Wonder, you are investing in a sustainably built, high quality solution to your Brief.

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