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Be More Octopus

Be adaptable. Be ingenious. Be compassionate. 

Be More Octopus.


In conjunction with 6Wonders, we hope Be More Octopus acts as an inspiration for people to seek out sustainable materials and production methods in their creative thinking, above and beyond our forte of Special Builds. 

Often asked to take on wider campaign elements, we have now teamed up with Cooper Collective, who have sustainability at the heart of their experiential and environmental creative thinking.

After collaborating on the Sky Ocean Rescue Cafe - the UK's first cafe made completely from recycled and ocean sourced materials, and Credo the humpback whale we can now work side by side with Cooper to offer a 360° 

production service to clients keen to produce other individual elements or the whole campaign, sustainably. 

We can draw on our network of ethically audited production teams, material supply chain and independent assessors to effectively segue into previously missed opportunities for campaign-wide sustainability.

This is an informal partnership. You can use us separately or together, however you wish, and for whatever you need.


Be More Octopus was launched at the 2020 London Design Festival in the Frank Ison Space, a beautifully restored Victorian Ironmongery in the heart of Walthamstow Village.

The event showcased a sustainable approach to environmental design, whilst engaging guests with a surprise deep sea AR experience. All parts of the exhibit were created from sustainable sources and upcycled post event to ensure waste was negated. Printed recycled plastic wall graphics became tote bags and face masks, while 3D printed coral reef (made from recycled plastic) will go to a marine centre where it will be safely imbedded into the aquarium for the marine life to enjoy.

Thank you to the 300+ guests who made it down for the four person Covid-secure bubbles.

Below are photos and an interactive tour of the event.

Take the virtual tour

Beautiful Wonder UK partners with Cooper Collective
Beautiful Wonder UK  Jez Clarke  Be More Octopus interactive tour
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