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Audi in The London Eye


- A TV commercial for Audi, filmed by Outsider Films.

- The spot involves a collaboration between Audi and BA's The London Eye, with an A2 sitting inside one of the Pods.

- Due to the filming schedule on the shortest night of the year, 2300- 0430hrs hours is the allotted time available to position the car inside the Pod and for final night time shots to be captured.. 

- This must include the refitting of (and operational) mechanical Pod doors.

- The Audi A2 is to remain inside the Pod for five consecutive days while night time helicopter shots are filmed. Doubling as a publicity stunt and additional visitor draw, in the meantime.

- Incomplete installation of the car/inoperable pod doors (unlockable) will render the attraction unsafe for business due to H&S risk, and incur severe financial penalties in the event of The Eye's temporary closure, as well as attracting negative publicity.


- Full site recce of The London Eye, including BA civil engineers, Pod door Operations Dept, and independent structural engineers.

- Comprehensive Construction Design Package and RAMS documentation drawn up for submission prior to production.

- Construction crew involving 25 persons, and 7 tonnes of assorted steelworks, frames and ramps. 

- 2 x separate dress rehearsals on site 2300-0400hrs.

- Filming day's 5 hour long installation programme drawn up into 2 minute incremental steps, start to finish, to avoid time slippage.

- 10m long steel ramps manually assembled to reverse car up from City Hall concourse into Pod via The Eye's access gantry.

- Car raised 600mm higher than existing floor level inside Pod with steel frames, to align car and Pod's door max widths.

- Car's weight distributed evenly over steel plates.

- 'new' pod floor finished in existing substrate materials throughout other Pods to disguise alterations.

- Installation successful within the allotted 5 hours. 

audi eye side clean.jpg
Audi in The London Eye
Audi in The London Eye


Although nowadays, a car in The London Eye is a fairly common stunt,

this is another World First of which we can be proud.

This project pre-dates our 6Wonders system. All structures were predesigned with recycling and reuse at forefront of planning. Mild steels, timber and metal substrates were recycled.

6 sapling oaks were planted with Trees for Cities for this project. Each of which will ofset one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.

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